Our Services and Products

Image Architects, LLC offers a variety of services and document processing options.

Document Processing Consultation – During our consult, we look forward to reviewing with you the life cycle of your documents and what workflows are already in place. At this time we can evaluate what other document processing options are available utilizing current workflows and those that may be presented in the future.

Software Pilot Implementation – Image Architects, LLC can setup a pilot project for evaluation. Customers can evaluate the products used and can see how our services can enhance their document processing and workflows.

Application Customization – Once it has been determined what products will be used, Image Architects, LLC can customize the applications to expedite your company’s document processing needs.

Project Management Coordination – We will supply our customers with detailed information as to their project’s requirements and the timelines needed to successfully implement and complete their product options. Constant communication is available as to their project’s status and updates are made available in a timely matter.

Software Maintenance and Assurance – All products are maintained and released with the standards needed for safe and predictable application performance. Product updates when available are coordinated to eliminate any negative impact or downtime.